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SARA Application Process


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The submission and review process is the same for both first-time and renewal applications:

  1. Institutions complete a new participant or renewal application as appropriate.
    • SUNY institutions send SARA applications to SUNY System Administration at If approved by System Administration, the application will be forwarded to NYSED.
    • CUNY institutions send SARA applications to the CUNY Office of Academic Affairs. If approved, the application will be forwarded to NYSED.
    • All other institutions send their SARA applications directly to NYSED.
  2. Institutions pay state fees. (Note: Do NOT send NC-SARA fees to NYSED. Information relating to payment of NC-SARA fees is provided below.​)
    • SUNY institutions, excepting community colleges, submit payments via interagency transfer through the State Finance System. 
    • CUNY institutions submit payments via interagency transfer through the State Finance System.
    • All other institutions, including SUNY community colleges, submit payments by check directly to NYSED, using the Application Payment Form.
  3. Once the application and payment are received, NYSED will verify that the submission is complete. NYSED will commence review of complete applications after state fees are processed.
  4. After review, NYSED will notify the institution of its determination and, if the application is approved, will inform NC-SARA. If an application is denied, NYSED will provide the applicant institution with a written reason for the denial.
  5. NC-SARA will contact the institution to finalize the participant information and arrange for payment of the NC-SARA fee. 
  6. NC-SARA fees should be sent directly to NC-SARA after SARA approval has been received from NYSED. NC-SARA fees must be processed no later than 60 days after state approval to participate.
  7. SARA membership commences or renews once NC-SARA has processed the Institution’s payment.
  8. Institutions are then eligible to operate under the terms and provisions of the SARA agreement.

Application Submission

The process for submitting an application is the same for new participant and renewal applications.

Attach the completed new participant application or renewal application and the institution’s official letter of accreditation to an email and send it to: using the following format for the subject line:

Email Subject Line: [Institution name] - SARA application


Institutions must make separate payments to NYSED and to NC-SARA.

Payment to the New York State Education Department

To complete submission of the SARA application, institutions must remit payment to NYSED. Annual fees for participation in SARA are based on full-time student enrollment as reported to IPEDS and as specified in the table below.   

State Education Department Annual Fees
Student FTE Annual Fee
FTE under 2,500 $5,000
2,500 - 9,999 $7,000
10,000 or more $9,000

Send a completed payment form and a check payable to NYSED to the following address:

New York State Education Department
Office of College and University Evaluation
89 Washington Avenue, Room 960 EBA
Albany, NY 12234

Payment to NC-SARA

A second payment must be sent directly to NC-SARA after an application has been approved by the NYSED. NC-SARA will contact applicants to arrange for payment. Annual NC-SARA fees are based on student full-time enrollment (as reported in IPEDS) as specified in the table below.

NC-SARA Annual Fees
Student FTE Annual Fee
FTE Under 2,500 $2,000
2,500 - 9,999 $4,000
10,000 or more $6,000